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Passive Income for Lifetime

Your earnings depend on the healthcare providers you partner up with. As a result of getting a client from you as a medical billing partner, you will get a share of 15 % of total revenue till the client stays active with us. If the client you bring has more patients’ volume, your profit will increase according to the practice size.

Usually, medical practices grow in size with time and thus your revenue will also grow as a licensee. This will be a long term relationship with a chance of building a passive income for a lifetime. 

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Medical billing is a highly competitive and vast industry. If you want to achieve your goals efficiently, you need a well-planned marketing strategy. Here, an effective marketing plan comes in that can generate quality leads. Although, in-person visits are remarkable to develop relationships with providers, sometimes, it becomes difficult. Here, online marketing as well as amazing plans will stimulate growth and leadership opportunities. We provide full support to grow your business.


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