Many options are available if you want to be your independent entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. The possibilities are unlimited with the expansion of virtual solutions and the high need for medical billing services!

Best medical billing healthcare franchise offers a unique revenue-sharing model and an excellent possibility of earning on a revenue-sharing model. The profit sharing percentage depends on the services you take from the best medical billing company.

With us, there are few or no overhead or recurrent expenses. We are transparent about pricing and keep the costs of every service clear. It is also written in the contract to prevent any confusion. 

Best medical billing offers unrivaled lead generation, presales, and marketing help at no extra charge. We also provide comprehensive training and dedicated account managers for our channel partners and licensees. For a reason, we are the top healthcare business because we promote trust and excellence.

All of our channel partners are required to complete a rigorous training program at our expense. Our team will provide comprehensive training on finding clients and delivering them excellent services.

Most medical billing agreements require the partner to lodge claims and work collections on the client’s behalf. Once a customer has signed a contract with Best Medical Billing, we handle the transition, installation, and onboarding, as well as continuing to submit claims and manage adjudication and payments on your behalf.

No, we search out suitable partners with a wide range of backgrounds. The best markers of future success are your ability to promote the Best Medical Billing suite of services in your area and establish a book of business of healthcare facilities and providers. We will offer you all of the technical training you may require. Your success will be determined by how you turn that training into strategic implementation through a successful, high-energy team. The smartest way is to help you manage your relationships by providing professional lead-generating experts and finance professionals. 

“Best Medical Billing” does not anticipate revenue or profit for any potential joint venture location. Results are influenced by far too many factors, including market demographics, competition, the level of capitalization in the company, and management’s ability to execute the franchise strategy. But one thing is sure: if you’re on the right route with our extra help, you’ve got a lot of opportunities ahead of you!

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  • Low overhead costs- no need for costly office space 
  • Concentrate on your patients and practice- our virtual assistant handle scheduling and billing
  • Work from your practice office, home office, or anywhere else — the decision is yours.
  • Get paid for after-hours patient calls that you couldn’t make with only a phone 
  • Increase your practice’s income while gaining new autonomy and independence.
  • Reduce travel time and expenses while increasing your patient base.
  • Become a part of a larger professional network of top doctors.

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